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We work better as a collective

We all want to do great work but doing that as an individual is limiting. If you’re a designer, you never see your work come to life on the web, and as a developer, it’s disheartening working with rubbish designs. So we collaborate to produce great work that delights our clients, but our combined culture is what holds us together. It is also what defines us, our work, and the people we seek to serve. So our company culture is our number one priority. As we grow, our culture will become more defined, but for now, we have four core values that embody our culture.

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Our Culture is

Defined by these core values

Deliver WOW through service

Deliver WOW through service

WOW is such a short, simple word, but it encompasses many things… To WOW, you must differentiate yourself by doing something unconventional or creative. You must do something that’s above and beyond what’s expected. And whatever you do must have an emotional impact on the receiver. We are not an average company, and our service is not average.

Pursue growth and learning

Pursue growth and learning

The internet is an ever-changing landscape. For us, this means constantly keeping ahead of the pace of development. Every day, it seems like we wake up to a new tool in the JAMstack. We take the time to learn these new tools and assess how helpful they are to our customers.

Do more with less

Do more with less

Don’t buy the premium subscription if you don’t need it. Monthly recurring costs kill startups. But, it’s real, so be creative and do more with less. Slack, Trello, GitLab, and VScode give you a world-class tech stack. The only limit is your imagination.

Embrace and drive change

Embrace and drive change

Fifteen years ago, when we first started building websites, it was all about WordPress. Times have changed, and there are better ways of building websites nowadays. Better for the client and better for the developer. Let us show you how a better standard of web development can give your business a positive turnaround.

Our Team

People behind the BugleLab

photo of Andrew



If not on Slack then he is probably pushing his daughter on the swings or riding his bike. From chef to developer to entrepreneur

photo of Pulok


Sr. Frontend developer

I am a self-taught passionate programmer. I like to write good and clean code as well as make sure the quality of the products.

photo of Ihsan


UX/UI designer

I enjoy tinkering with creativity, bringing “life” to your imagination. From ideation to conceptualization, I love to design.

photo of sameer


DevOps & Backend

Think, code, sleep, repeat. I fell in love with coding and I’m not looking back.

photo of Minhazul


Full Stack Web Developer

Skilled Full Stack Web Developer, adept in front-end and back-end development, committed to delivering innovative and effective digital solutions.

photo of Rezoan


Junior Frontend developer

I love programming and travelling. I like to write code on HTML5, SCSS, Vanilla JS/React and Hugo.

photo of Iftakharul


Fullstack developer

I’m a professional web developer and I always like to learn new technology because it’s very exciting for me.

photo of Samuel


Content Creator

I write, analyze and organize workflow. I am a sentient being, a thinking animal, in this wonderful world.

Lockdown Life

Images from our everyday

Although we are on different continents, the images we share provide perspective into our close interaction with each other.

dog walk cooking from a recipe

Although we are on different continents, the images we share provide perspective into our close interaction with each other.

doll trees and clouds

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