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What advantages do Static websites have in 2022

The Business Advantage Of Static Websites in 2022


Almost all businesses with an online presence have a major challenge - Search Engine Visibility. As we know, search engines are massive web infrastructures that crawl through almost a billion websites. Practically every website online is for business except a few private ones, hence the need for search engine visibility.

Business websites become visible to search engines by optimising content relating to a specific keyword, increasing their site’s core web vitals - speed, deliverability, user experience, and proper backlinking (links from one website to another).

These search engine visibility tactics have proven to be super effective in putting businesses on Google or Bing’s first page.

When a business website ranks on the first page of Google or Bing in their specific keyword, more people see the business (visibility), the click-through rate (CTR) increases, and more actions users take on the website, which drives more revenue for the business.

SEO generates extra revenue without significantly increasing the marketing budget of a business. These new customers or visitors from Google and Bing are organic, meaning Google or Bing considers the website content helpful to the user. The users also found the website content helpful; hence, they took action, and your business made more revenue. This is the power of a search-engine-optimized website.

What is a static website?

A static website is a web page that requires no database and complex code to generate content. It is a web page that resides in a file system and becomes available to the public using HTTP. The HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) is an application layer protocol designed to provide a set of rules for the transfer of hypermedia files - videos, texts, sounds, etc. - over the web.

Static websites, by design, are fast to load, easier to maintain, and search engine friendly. These are why businesses in 2022 are opting for static websites.

Are static websites better?

Static websites are better in search engine visibility, have fast load time, and are easy to maintain. But, they are not suitable for different users when they need to get dynamic information, like User Generated Content (UGC) websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

We can’t discuss static websites without bringing dynamic websites into context. Every modern website is either dynamic or static. Dynamic websites require a database built using a server-side language for its functionalities.

Dynamic websites have their wonderful advantages, but it is not anywhere near the impeccable powers of Static websites in terms of search engine visibility.

Most businesses with dynamic web functionalities have static homepages and landing pages. This is because they understand the business advantage of static websites.

Although dynamic websites have their advantages, we will focus on search engine visibility hence the need for static websites for every business.

Five reasons why your business website needs to be static

1. SEO

The most important reason your business needs a static website is to improve its search engine visibility. Static websites are fast to load, which Google and Bing consider criteria to rank websites.

As we know, SEO is an organic way for an online business to acquire customers/clients, and having a static website will improve your business’s chances of getting more customers/clients.

2. Speed

Static websites are known for their blazing page load speed. This page load speed is also a requirement for Search Engines to rank a website. Users typically don’t stay around waiting for a site to respond; they “click off” to another website.

A fast-loading website is a delight for users and leads to an improved user experience. Excellent user experience brings returning customers/clients, bringing more revenue to the business.

3. Easy to maintain

Static websites are built with HTML, CSS, JavaScript (which renders in the browser), and static site generators. Hence, its content is updated without breaking codes or introducing bugs to the codebase.

Easy to maintain websites cuts half the overhead costs of running a business and saves the business time, money, and resources.

After a crash, it is easier to restore a static website server or restart the server when content is updated.

4. Security

Static websites are pre-rendered web pages and do not require storing information in a database. It saves server time as they do not need to run scripts to initialise upon a single user request.

Although they have better security architecture, static websites are not “hack” proof. Security concerns are why we at BugleLab adhere to the latest security standard in the industry to provide your business with an impenetrable website.

5. Easy to navigate

Static websites are easier to navigate and are user-friendly. Easy to navigate websites save users valuable time, reduce website bounce rate, and convert site visitors to customers or clients.

How to get a static website

There are several ways to get a static website for your business, some of them include:

  1. Booking a call with us so we can discuss the intricacies of your business needs.
  2. Using a static site generator. We covered the different types of static site generators you can use here.
  3. Custom building using HTML, CSS, and Javascript.


Having a static website can give your online business considerable search engine visibility. Search engine visibility is why we build an online presence so that people worldwide or within your business location can find your business and engage in buying your product and services.

A static website is a great way to improve your business’s search engine visibility. At Buglelab, we help businesses develop modern, beautiful, user-friendly, blazingly fast, secured, scalable, and search engine-friendly websites.

Book a call with us so that we can go over your business website needs.