Case study

A multi-clinic website with booking

Since 2010, the vision of Oasis Clinics has been to provide the best clinical outcomes and patient education for the community, not only in the treatment of disease but also in prevention. Oasis Clinics is a medical group specialising in outpatient and inpatient daycare health services. It is a one-of-a-kind polyclinic devoted to outpatient services, GIT, endoscopies, and inpatient surgical procedures. When Oasis Clinics welcomed its first patients in 2010, its vision was clearly to deliver high quality, patient-centred services to the local and extended community with collaboration, compassion, and integrity. Being a modern clinic, Oasis Clinics decided to create an online presence that would allow them to achieve its vision. But a website with a terrible design and programming architecture will hinder this vision by making people who seek to book appointments lose interest due to the slow and bad website design.

Oasis clinics website's screenshot


Previously Oasis Clinic’s website was built with WordPress. Unfortunately, the WordPress website was terrible - slow and not representing the clinic’s image. The previous developers had tried to create a custom CMS using PHP programming language so that the clinic could update its website independently. Unfortunately, they failed, and the client decided they wanted a redesign and re-build using JAMstack technologies.



Ihsan, our UX/UI designer, dived in to produce breathtaking UIs as a proof of concept. After the UI design was approved, our in-house developer team started the website development. We utilised as the CMS, which is very reliable, and we know it well as the client wanted appointment booking functionality. And forms always require special attention with JAMstack methodologies, so this time we decided to utilise the webhook functionality within Netlify forms. To capture the leads sent to Netlify forms, we pipelined the leads through Zapier and sent all of the bookings to a google sheet for the client to share with staff.Instead of using jQuery and its plugins, we used vanilla JS alongside GoLang’s SSG Hugo to speed up the website. We also improved the site speed by optimising images and other multimedia files using Hugo’s image processing.

Core web vitals

Over the previous 28-day collection period, the aggregate experience of all pages served from this origin passes the Core Web Vitals assessment.

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What we learnt

About halfway through this project the previous developers decided to take down what was existing of the previous website. Our intention had been to clone the website but without anything to clone we had to rely on Ihsan’s design skills to create something better than there had been before. The moral of the story is always take a backup even if it is just screenshots. But don’t rely on them for your best work.

Oasis website's screenshots

What they thought of us

Andrew and his team have been the best freelancers I’ve ever worked with. They were very accommodating to some changes in the project plan mid-stream. All in all, very communicative, met deadlines and took very challenging requirements in the web-app-like components as interesting problems that can be solved/engineered away. They are working with the latest web development stacks, which I highly recommend for anyone looking to build something fast/responsive website that lasts without having to do much maintenance. You hardly find professionals like that. I am definitely working with them on my next project.

client photo

Mai Azbak

Marketing director Oasis Clinics