Web design

Thoughtful designs that convert your users

We take the outcomes of the discovery process to inform our thoughtful design methodology. Our design approach uses proven methods to help convert your visitors. Whether filling out a contact form, downloading your white paper, or buying your product, let us know your goals, and we will design your website so that your visitors take action! As your designs are sketched out, you can comment on them and interact with your designer in real-time. The software we use for your designs also makes the handover to development seamless.

3 people building a web page

How We Work

Our thoughtful and collaborative approach helps you to understand where we are in the process and what the best solution for you is.

A Four Step Process

Visualising the creation and delivery of your website as a 4 step process allows you to choose how you’d like to interact with us. As web designers, we take your text, images, and video content and create a thoughtfully designed website that meets your goals. After you have completed the design questionnaire, we invite you to a call where we talk through your content and your project goals. Once you have submitted the content for us to work with, we’ll create the templates for our web development team to work with.


  • Design questionnaire
  • Establishing project goals and defining your funnel
  • Content collection
  • Who is your user


  • Collaborative design software gives you commenting features and real-time interaction
  • Component based design 🙌
  • Modern Layout
  • Responsive design


  • Agile development workflows
  • Latest coding standards
  • Collaborative issue tracking and resolution
  • Access to your code repository


  • Your choice of platform
  • Content Delivery Network for global coverage
  • Asset minification for blazing fast page speeds
  • Greener hosting

3 reasons why we design better websites

We broke down the webdesign process and tried to make it easier for you as a client. Here are some of the benefits we built in


Building an MVP takes a lot of work, and we ensure you get the best possible design and content for your money. We provide a simple questionnaire to fill out and invite you to a dedicated Slack and Figma to ensure clear communication and collaboration during the web design process.

User Experience (UX) Research

We have studied the most effective techniques to help you get a high-conversion website. Our research and analysis will help you convert more visitors into leads and customers and help you build your business. You’ll have a website that converts, gets you leads, and puts money in your pocket.

Bespoke design

Bespoke design is about putting your needs first - we will walk with you every step to ensure that your website truly reflects your needs. You will have a say in what your website looks and feels like. You can rely on us to deliver your website professionally and on time.

Featured Testimonial

What people say about us

BugleLab were excellent and able to help with the design and development of a management consultancy website. The team of developers were highly skilled with excellent communication. No request was too much and we felt really well looked after. Looking forward to work with them again!

Adrian Murphy

Adrian Murphy

Service and product research and design consultant

Our experience with BugleLab has been a very positive one. They helped us switch from our old buggy WordPress site to a much faster static site. They also helped set us up with a new CMS which allowed us to retain flexibility and the ability to implement new content easily without the need for a developer’s input. BugleLab didn’t just build our site, they gave us the tools we needed to be in control of it.



Marketing Executive Eflow Global

Excellent job. It’s now much easier for us to create courses and posts from within gitlab Thanks!

Colin Gillespie

Colin Gillespie

O’Reilly author, Data camp presenter, R trainer/consultant and academic